A Story Beyond Music.



An endless passion for music, for discovery,
for people, for life.

NeoCyril, Born Cyril Emeni Okwuese, In Lagos State, Nigeria, is a singer, instrumentalist and a beautiful songwriter. He has written about a thousand songs across different genres, addressing diverse topics. He is fondly referred to as CEO by close friends and family because those alphabets constitute his initials. He is an accomplished speaker, writer and entrepreneur.

While Neocyril draws heavily from genres such as Afrobeat, Soul, Pop, Rock, Traditional music and World music, he is quick to tell you that the Gospel and Gospel Music is at the core of his creativity. However, it’s not peculiar to hear him sing or write about politics, family, love, social-cultural issues and more.  He writes to inspire, create humour and when necessary, simply entertain.

A prolific recording artiste, happiest when he is writing.  In his words “I write from a deep place. Writing was how I survived the darkest years of my life. It was how I ensured that being alone never resulted in being lonely, and the raging storm never entered or sank my boat. It was my diary, where in songs, poetry and other writing forms, I catalogued all life put me through, how I survived, and all God taught me. Writing is my encrypted map for life.”

He spends most of his time in London and Nigeria, and constantly traverses other countries and continents with a desire to create an eclectic sound that is a true global fusion, rooted in the heavily rhythmic and percussive character of African music. A constantly evolving sound that is deliberately created to be globally referenced. Neocyril is cosmopolitan in perspective and Pan-African at heart.

and a Musician.



Muscular is nothing without Cardiovascular...

An astute businessman with a nose for opportunities, Neocyril constantly seeks partners that are ready to identify and explore a unique niche, product and/or Market. Business comes easily to him, having stumbled upon this gift during the difficult moments in his life that drew him away from his core talents.

Multiple family tragedies forced Neocyril to abandon a growing music/entertainment career for many years. These were not wasted years, but reflective and self-discovering years. During this period, he took roots, became a more conscious person, while also writing many songs and developing his personal and musical infrastructure. He also went back to his studies and later attained an MBA degree from Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom, in addition to a previous background in International Relations and Strategic Management.

He believes that the power to create is what makes mankind like God. A divine DNA freely bestowed on mankind to help us create everything out of nothing, as we continue to find a path and solve problems in order to make meaningful progress. His favourite and a self-authored quote is “The decision to fly is made on the ground” which basically implies that where you are and what you have is always good enough to start.

His new single “OH AFRICA” is already making waves and is an express reflection of the vast experience, depth and versatility that Neocyril presents. Although Neocyril has said that OH AFRICA is only a preview of what is to come.

He is the Founder and CEO of CEO CLASSICS, a full-service entertainment company trading within Artiste management, Label, TV Content Development, Film, Theatre, Events and Touring, Publishing and other ventures.

A family man, A Businessman, A Musician.

An African with a conscience.